20 medical and research teams working together
 to improve vision and overcome disabilities



   The Retina Task Force of the DHU Vision and Handicaps offers retinal care and a support for a variety of clinical, fundamental research programs and teaching for students and for ophthalmologists. Our group is at the forefront of innovation in the diagnosis and the treatment of all forms of retinal disease. With the different research teams of the Vision Institute, the Retina Task force constitutes a unique platform for a true translational research dedicated to patients suffering from retinal diseases.


  Meeting every month with specialists of retinal pathologies. During this meeting clinical cases are discussed, new technologies are presented.
Once every other month, a bibliography is held at Avicenne hospital on the theme of diabetic macular edema, in order to stay updated in this area. All members of DHU are welcome to share the discussion.


  Avicenne Hospital : Pr Chaine, Dr Audrey Giocanti
Rothschild Ophthalmologic Fundation : Dr Yannick Lemer, Dr Florence Metge
Bicêtre Hospital : Dr Emmanuel Barreau
Pitié Salpétrière Hospital : Dr Nathalie Massamba
CHNO  XV-XX : Dr Jean-François Girmens, Dr Isabelle Audo
Percy military hospital : Pr Françoise Froussart